Violence Prevention Charter Commitment

We therefore declare our commitment and intent to work in partnership towards achieving a just and peaceful country free of all forms of violence. We recognize that this commitment has real implications for our policies, programs, practices and actions. Our willingness to make this commitment indicates our sense of collective and personal responsibility for the present and future health, social and economic well being of Canadians.
This is to certify that on the 4 th day of July, in the year 2020
Irving Rootman
Signed the Violence Prevention Charter and committed to the following actions to build a Canada free of violence.
* Supporting the call for a national action plan for violence prevention * Supporting the goals of Prevention of Violence Canada-Prévention de la Violence Canada to adopt a public health approach to violence prevention,that addresses risk and protective factors at the individual, family or interpersonal, community and societal levels. * SupportIng coordination of our efforts and the integration of violence prevention strategies. * Support the safety of all people in Canada wherever they live, work and play, the rights of victims, the prevention of self harm and suicide and the promotion of peace