Violence Prevention Charter Commitment

We therefore declare our commitment and intent to work in partnership towards achieving a just and peaceful country free of all forms of violence. We recognize that this commitment has real implications for our policies, programs, practices and actions. Our willingness to make this commitment indicates our sense of collective and personal responsibility for the present and future health, social and economic well being of Canadians.
This is to certify that on the 4 th day of July, in the year 2020
Marjorie MacDonald
Signed the Violence Prevention Charter and committed to the following actions to build a Canada free of violence.
1. Live in peace with family, friends, and neighbors. 2. Treat all human beings with whom I come in contact with kindness and generosity. 3. Support organizations that aim to prevent all forms of violence in Canada; in particular, support PHABC and POVC in their efforts to prevent violence in our communities. 4. Support organizations that provide care and services to victims of violence. 5. Encourage others to sign the charter.